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February 2, 2019

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Make A Holiday Sketch Pad

August 7, 2018

So we all love an iPad but I'm here to talk to about my other favourite kind of entertaining pad....A sketchpad!!!! Yes.


Sketchpads are easily bought fairly cheaply from a wide variety of places, but they also make a great project for the holidays. The beauty is  that once it's made you can go about filling them with drawings, postcards, memories a little bit of anything really. So it's perfect for any mini artists and avid doodlers that you will be taking away on holiday. one of the best bit's is - a sketchpad doesn't need a battery charger or updates or any of that stuff  - woo hoo!!


So for my sketchpad I used some cardboard packaging that had come with something - I can't remember what - it looked a little bit like this - Basically you can cut it to the size you want, but this seemed perfect. In short this cardboard packaging is great as it is easy to work with, you can fold it easily and sew your pages into it without much problem. this piece of packaging had a handy inbuilt flap that I thought would work well to keep pencils in, but don't worry if yours doesn't have this.


First things first you need to make the pages for your sketchpad. I used about 6 sheets of A4 computer paper, folded in half and then sewn together with a thick embroidery needle and some regular cotton.


You could mix things up a bit by using sheets of brown paper or greaseproof or different textured paper cut to the size of A4. This makes it a bit more interesting for drawing and splurging paint if you are that way inclined.

Then fold your piece of packaging in half and find where there the spine will be.Then very simply, open your paper book and sew it into the cardboard cover!  It will probably look a little something like this.


Then it's time for the fun bit. Cover your new sketch pad with white drawing paper or plain wrapping paper of some sort. I used plain white drawing roll, but you could use whatever you like, just make sure you can draw on it. I stapled my paper onto the cover and then went round the edges with masking tape to make sure fingers don't get caught on staples!


I put a hole in one side of my book cover and threaded through twine so the sketchbook can be tied together, a bit like a classics artists folio. You can use string or ribbon or cool twine.


Don't worry too much about the masking tape as you can draw over this with a thick black marker or even cover it with stickers - again I will leave that to the artist in your house to decide how to add they own personal flair.


Then  what you need to do is decorate it!!

There are about 5 zillion things you could do to decorate the cover of this sketchpad from decoupage to paint to paper cache, the sky is the limit. me being me, I have chosen the easy route and gone for covering with large chunky doodles and shapes, which can then be coloured in!! get your mini artist to use their imagination and have some fun decorating. Once they are done they should have s homemade sketchpad that will maybe look a bit like this when almost finished.....


Once it is done you are ready to start drawing and collecting holiday memories with your pens and paints, crayons and stickers.


I would recommend, the grown up constructs this and then the artist who will be using it does the decorating. Or work through it together. Just be aware there are some tricky bits with sewing the paper together and into the book cover and also the stapling of the cover.


I hope you  like it, happy summer  sketching,



amy xx


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