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February 2, 2019

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Fabric Pens Forever

July 11, 2018


Often when people buy one of my products they have fabric pens left at the end with plenty of ink left for other projects, here are a couple of ideas that I love. As when you do a pillowcase, create a space to do the project, protect your table surfaces and put cardboard inside the T-shirt and pants or bedding when you are drawing on them. You can make it easier buy taping the items down if smaller hands are having problems.


Graffiti Summer Diary Duvet Project



Is your child having a summer birthday sleepover, are you or in need of a summer holiday family project? Treat the duvet cover as a giant piece of paper. You could use it to record everywhere you go and places you see this summer, funny things that have happened or people you meet. This could be a project for one child where they add a bit every day or even the whole family ,By the end of the holidays you could have an awesome totally unique piece of usable family history. Same can be said for using it as sleepover project or for when you are entertaining more than one child.


All you need is a plain single duvet cover, pillowcases and a stash of fabric pens  and it will keep them occupied for potentially more than 5 minutes. Sometimes kids get stuck for ideas when presented with vast amounts of white space so an idea of themes can help get them going, also getting them to draw a few ideas. HOWEVER the trick is not to get hung up on perfection here, use lots of different colours and let everybody draw and write things, fill the space and it will look amazing. Think a graffiti wall and you won’t go far wrong. This project will probably need more than one packet of pens. These are available from places like Hobbycraft, widely available on Amazon or of course if you get really stuck contact me direct and I should be able to help you out - they are not always listed on my shop so email me on info@gingerrainbow.co.uk.


Doodle Shoes


Yes- you really can draw on your shoes but shhhhhh don’t tell your mum. My Fabric pens work great on white canvas or fabric plimsolls, turning them from blah to ta-dah! I bought some for the project but you could easily customise some pumps that are looking a bit tired or grubby to give them a fun facelift for the summer holidays. When done let the ink dry for 24hours and then wear. You can put them through the washing machine on a low heat and the ink will stay in.


Doodle pants


Big white pants that are on the way out – turn them into superhero pants for dressing up games. You could even do some for yourself (we won’t tell anyone). Ink can be fixed in with an iron buy placing a pillowcase between the item and the iron. Wash on a low heat and then you are good to go.


Doodle Tee


Create a summer holiday Tee. Get the kids to design their own logo or character and team name and the set them to work on a t-shirt. Ink can be fixed in with an iron buy placing a pillowcase between the item and the iron. Wash on a low heat and then you are good to go.






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