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What the Armed Forces Covenant means to me.

March 12, 2018

So the eagle eyed of you may of noticed that my business is signed up to the Armed Forces covenant. I thought I'd take this post to explain a little bit about what this means to me in real terms for my business and why I feel so strongly about it.


"Businesses and charitable organisations who wish to demonstrate their support for the armed forces community can sign the covenant. In doing so they make a range of written and publicised promises to set out their support."  www.gov.uk


 It could be said that i'm pretty much outnumbered with veterans and serving personnel in my teensy family. What with my husband ,both of my parents that served in the Royal Navy and a sister serving in the RAF. It's something that has always been in my frame of reference growing up and more recently as a married woman "living behind the wire" as people like to say. 


So why did I sign up to the covenant and publicly declare my support?


Well my colouring in pillowcase product came into being from direct experience of living within the military community and I know first hand that the product makes people happy and can help with some of the challenges of deployment, all be it in a small way.


Cheesy as it sounds I guess I want to give back where I can.


As a result of living within this community I have been able to access support and education to start my small business and met a lot of brilliant and inspiring people along the way. People who I probably would have not normally crossed paths with, all people that have and continue to make my life richer and more interesting. In short whilst there have been challenges, there have been a lot of positives as well.


I like to think my small business can contribute to positive awareness of military life as well as some of the extremely challenging aspects that people can face- from family separation to PTSD and  difficulties finding work. I feel I can continue to design and develop resources to be of help. I offer discounts and try to get as involved as I can. If I can support others I will.If I can grow my business to be a source of employment for other military spouses or veterans, then even better.


As I've said before my aspirations are a lot bigger than where I am right now and that can sometimes be frustrating!


Anyway in short I want to try and do my bit and hopefully as my business develops, that bit will be a bigger bit more!


Thanks for listening and speak soon,


Amy xxx








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