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If you can breathe you can draw.

October 8, 2017



It’s World Mental Health Day this week and I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you about my number one wellbeing tool…….




I have been scribbling and drawing since I was a toddler. It was heartily encouraged in our house and it is something that I have always done in one form or another. I have drawn for all sorts of reasons, for pleasure, for no reason, to make a card because I forgot to buy one, to explain an idea I couldn’t articulate. Drawing is an old friend.


You won’t hurt your knees doing it, you probably won’t get a medal, but you will have fun, it won’t cost you lots of money to get started and you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy it.


Now it might be that you have a creativity gremlin called "I can't draw", or maybe it’s called "I'm not artistic". In a way it doesn’t matter, because I think it's about time you poked it in the face with a pencil and told it in no uncertain terms to doodle off. Take five minutes for yourself and play. You don’t have to show anyone if you don’t want to.


I'm currently fascinated about what turns small children who will scribble happily for hours without thinking about it, into adults who go peaky and clammy at the sight of any kind of drawing implement. Was it something at school? Was it the time you drew a thing that "didn't look like the thing" and someone sniggered or thought it was a cabbage?


Whatever it is it’s meaning you are missing out on a really effective way to de-stress, think things through or just whip up funny drawings to amuse your children, friends or family. If you need science facts to convince you that drawing is good for you then get on the internet and have a look because there is plenty of evidence to suggest that this kind of activity is great for your brain and your wellbeing and all that lovely stuff.


It's cheap, quick, effective, and accessible. Seriously those cavemen were on to something. You don't even need a battery or an app and it doesn’t make an annoying pingy noise either.


I heartily encourage you to treat yourself to a plain notebook a pencil or pen and start doodling, drawing, scribbling in it every day. Absent minded doodling on the phone, a drawing of your dream house…it doesn’t really matter.


If you feel inspired to give it a go you can join in with the #inktober hashtag on Instagram and check out the Big Draw for any events near you.






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