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September 8, 2017



This is a post for anyone with a loved one serving away in the military,however anyone wanting to put together a cool christmas gift for someone far away and reachable only by post will love this as well. 

I'm pretty sure any military spouse could start a subscription gift box business, mostly because they are awesome at putting together great parcels for posting!


So lets talk parcels.





I love the ritual of making a parcel to send, one more parcel down, means reunion is a little bit closer. Or that’s how I felt at the beginning anyway.

Trying to find unique stuff to keep people entertained and with a stash of their favourite treats becomes a special mission in itself. The first few are fine and then its like wahhhhhhhhh what do I send now?? It can get pricey as well. No one should pay that much for tea-bags. It’s just not right.


Then of course there’s Christmas.


So anyway, if you have someone away right now but especially over Christmas, you have enough going on without having to think of a trillion amazing unique parcel ideas. So I spoke to the amazing crew of fellow military spouses that I know through The Unsung Heroes Business Start Up course and asked them for their top tips. Here are their thoughts, a few of mine and a few useful resources to hopefully spark off some ideas if you are feeling stuck.


Parcel Ideas

  • Ask them – it’s not all down to you plus it’s funny what people want that you would never think of.

  • Penguin Peeps colouring in pillowcase - check out my store on this website.

  • Micro Lego.

  • Paper Advent Calender.

  • Stollen bites (I am reliably informed they travel better than mince pies).

  • Haribo Jelly babies/Jelly beans  (You can get those reindeer that poop out the beans- always funny if your significant other has a gsoh).

  • Printed Photo gifts  (keep your eyes open for deals on places like Tesco)

  • Silly games (are they light, can they be rolled up small? Also playing cards /mini travel games etc I like the Velcro hats with balls.)

  • Packet hot chocolate & marshmallows (I only put this in because sending this only occurred to me 3 months down the line)

  • Christmas T-shirts (Go comedy or send them the pens to make it themselves- err yes you can buy fabric pens for me, but they are also available on Amazon)

  • Paper hats for the “Christmas Dinner”.

  • Posh toiletry freebies from the department store!


Top Tips



Get to the Post Office – they are really helpful at telling you what can and can’t go in parcels.Its worth taking a look as there are some things that you wouldn't automatically think of that are banned such as christmas crackers. Also the weight and size of what you can send. Grab some paper blueys whilst you're there. They’re free.



If you have children check out Little Troopers – creative activities and cool stuff you can make and send as well as great events you can be a part of and resources to use at home. They have a free pack that you can access over on their website specifically for deployments. www.littletroopers.com



Get down to your relevant HIVE where you can find out about posting dates for Christmas and any supportive events that may be being run for Families/Spouses in your area.


Getting organised

If  it is your first experience of having a spouse deployed away for a long period of time or you are feeling a little bit lost and overwhelmed, these planners are cool (and pretty too). Designed by a military Spouse and contributed to by spouses from different services. There is one for each service. 

Check out the planners on www.etsy.com  Shop: Pink Grapefruit Printables








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