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But I'm so small ,how can I help?

September 6, 2017

I used to work for the NHS and the best thing about that was I felt that everyday I helped people or a person.It was not always easy and sometimes it was annoying, but ultimately it felt good.I miss that feeling a lot.



One day I would like ginger rainbow to be able to be able to help people as well as provide me with an income. I'd like to be able to offer flexible employment to someone experiencing mental health or employment challenges,I'd like to be able put on large creative events to raise money for charities that are important to me and use my business to raise awareness and support issues around public mental health and wellbeing. On a practical side however I also need to build an income to pay the bills and buy important things for my family.Sometimes its hard being a tiny new business, when your ambitions are big.


People have told me to wait until my business is on an even keel and income is steady and all that good stuff before I start thinking about helping people with my business. That is sensible. I agreed for a while but then I wondered was there maybe a teensy way I could do something helpful with my business,one step along the road to my bigger ideas.


And the answer was yes.


So this is what I am going to do… Over Christmas a small part of my profit from each sale of the Penguin Peeps Christmas cards will go to a great charity called Little Troopers. Little Troopers support children with serving parents in the Army, Navy and RAF and they are wonderful. They provide free resources and activities for families and put on some pretty amazing events. Their aim is to support children with the repeated separation and anxiety that can come with having a parent in the military and find ways to keep families connected and bonded.


Why do I think it’s important? I’m part of the military community and anything that supports the children in it to build resilience and feel supported has my vote. I also came up with my Pillowcase idea as a way to keep families feeling bonded when apart so it feels like a good fit!


My other card will be my Strength of a Bear Card and that will be available in October in time for World Mental Health Day…but I’ll tell you more about that a little nearer the time.


Penguin Peeps Christmas Cards are available now over on my shop :-)


You can find out more about the work of Little Troopers over on their website or Facebook - 


Website: www.littletroopers.net




















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