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Because Santa is better at marketing.

August 12, 2017

Well hello there you lovely people! In the mission to provide you with drawing scribbling goodness and useful stuff I thought I'd have a bash at this blog lark."Who the devil are you, and why should I care about your drawing scribbling goodness?" I hear you cry. 'Well, you must believe in fairy godmothers. We all have them.I'm like the one for colouring in and arty stuff, like santa but not as well known. (He has a better marketing team than me,another reason to start blogging)


Think of me as a cross between Glinda Good-witch and Red from Fraggle rock and maybe a bit of that bloke who used to present art attack, the show with the giant pencils. I love creative stuff and I love making fun activities for kids an their grown ups to do that also keep the carpet relatively clean and nerves relatively un-frazzled. Creative time should be fun for everyone and end results shouldn’t fall apart in the washing machine. Cos everyone hates that right?

"Yeah Yeah fine but who are you really?" You say, (finger poised to scroll on)


I'll keep it brief ,my names Amy I'm 39 3/4 years old. I have spent most of that time drawing, scribbling and creating stuff. I've done it for love, for fun, for relaxation,because I can't not do it and more recently I have been turning it into a business.  After marrying the most wonderful man and becoming a "Military Wife" (No, I'm not in a choir,but I do think they're great) retaining my job because somewhat of a challenge, so here I am doing the self-employed thing deciding to be your colouring in fairy godmother (whether you like it or not). 


Join me on my quest to bring ginger rainbow magic to the masses and hopefully become almost as good at marketing as santa is.





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